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How to check upon us

Please read details on "About us" webpage. You can find there all the registries where you can verify our data online.


Secure shopping

We make every effort to ensure that the consumer making purchases on our website has the highest level of security – the quality of goods, rules for the storage of personal data and secure payments.

We use the most modern transmission and storage protection mechanisms, that are currently available. All data are keep on special severs protected by firewalls. Only carefully selected and then specially trained employees of our company has access to the data. Each access to the data is specially monitored by personalized security system.



Secure payment

Payment service provider is PayU. Service provider does not store or forward to contractors (including WirelessCom Sp. z o.o. – the owner of any data concerning credit cards nor bank accounts. No data such as: credit card number or number and bank account balance are not sent to the person with whom you are making a transaction.

PayU uses a secure SSL connection – all information you provide on the site are encrypted and therefore protected from being accessed and read by unauthorised persons.

PayU allows such payments as: e-transfer, credit card, PayU account and in instalments.


Secure delivery

We guarantee secure delivery of products you ordered. Every product shipped by us is insured to the full value. We cooperate with specialised courier companies that guarantee safe package delivery.




Steps in order fulfilment


  1. Inquiry and offer.
  2. Pro forma invoice (pricing).
  3. Preperation of cup design, design corrections.
  4. Acceptance of prepared cup design.
  5. Prepayment. If you not wait for the ending of graphic design and pay before it, you save few days and will get your cups few days earlier.
  6. From receiving prepayment and acceptance of the final graphic design we count order fulfilment time.
  7. Production
  8. Order completion.
  9. Delivery notification and tracking number sent to clients e-mail .
  10. Delivery (without invoice inside).
  11. Follow up documents sent to clients e-mail (invoice, credit note, goods issued note, or other)

Order placing

You can order through our webpage or contacting us by e-mail: .
You can also always call us: 00 48 665 400 809. We all speak english.

Order fulfilment time


Graphic design preparation

Our graphic designer can prepare for you deign of the cup and 3D visual of it. It can also correct your own design or bend it on our mock up. All theese are paid. It can be free of charge based on our offer and the number of cups ordered or if you deliver bended artwork on our mockup, that do not require us to make any corrections. Otherwise you will be charged for graphic design.

In case you order cup design made by rainbow cups, usually the design process can take up to 5 working days. Each time we cooperate with the customer and time can be shortened or extended – it depends on complexity of the project, the amount of corrections, the time to implement the corrections etc.. Usually you will get from us first drfat within one woring day from delivery of design brief and files with your logo.


Production time

Whether the project will be delivered by the customer or prepared by the rainbow cups, the production time is around 4-6 weeks. You have to add to that international delivery time which is roughly 1 week (please see details in our offer, deliveries in europe, but outside EU take few days longer because of the customs clearence). Usually production does not take full 6 weeks, but be prepaed that sometimes it does.

Production time is counted from the design acceptance moment and incoming of the prepayment. Delays in payments make order fulfilemnt time longer.

If you need cups delivered faster than above maximum around 7 weeks counted from design acceptance and prepayment, you can pay extra to shorten it by 2 weeks (see our offer). It costs extra, because we have extra costs. Then you have maximum of around 5 weeks of total order fulfilemnt time including delivery (depending on contry). Remember from which moment we count the order fulfilment time, so your speed of dealing with graphic design and prepayment can be crutial here.


Minmum Order Quantity (MOQ) and produced quantities

The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for cutomized cups is 1500 pcs. The only possible to order quantities are the multiplication of MOQ or 1500 pcs. For some products MOQ is 3000 pcs (100ml cups). For example if you need 10.000 pcs of 200ml/9oz cup, you have to order then either 6x1500=9000 pcs or 7x1500=10.500 pcs (always +/-10%).

Produced quantities sometimes may vary by +/-10% from ordered quantities:

  • in case of under production we return payment for the missing cups,
  • in case of over production and ordered quantity is less than 10.000 pcs, there are no additional charges - you get them free of charge,
  • in case of over production and ordered quantity is over 10.000 pcs, there is mandatory additional customer payment required for the extra cups after the delivery.

Taking the above into consideration, I you need for example for 100% not less than 10.000 pcs, you have to order ~11.000 pcs., ad you will be charged for 10-12.000 pcs based on produced quantity.





Our logistics center

Is able to repack products in sets dealing with plastic bag unit, which is usually 25-100 pcs depending on the product. Such service is quoted additionaly.


Delivery time

Depends on the country we ship to (plese see our offer). Usually it takes about one week to deliver goods.

Delivery cost

All purchased product are delivered by courier companies. The price of delivery depends on ordered quantity of the product and is calculated automatically based on its weight and size of boxes. Everything is visible in Cart after selecting particular product and its quantity.
Why it costs so much? Cups are lightweight, but take a lot of space, so often volumetric weight counting occur. Therefore in one courier package we can ship only 2 box of cups. In the price it is included also packaging, boxes, fillers, tapes, foil, shiping preparation.

Damaged goods and the complaint

All complaint related to the quality of courier services will be examined on the basis of the damage protocol prepared together with the courier upon receiving. The lack of the damage protocol may be grounds for refusal of the complaint by the rainbow cups.


Right of withdrawal


About what you cannot change your mind

Paper cups are manufactured specifically for your order. In other words we produce them especially for you and with your unique design on it. If you change your mind after making the order and doing payments, we would not be able to sell them to anyone else. For this reason after the launch of the production it is not possible to cancel submitted order. 

Given the fact that the properties of Products ordered in the Online Shop are strictly defined by the Purchaser, the withdrawal from the contract after the launch of the production is impossible.


About what you can change your mind

The Purchaser may cancel order which has been paid, but only if Purchaser did not send the design files or did not accept the design files delivered by Rainbow Cups.

The Purchaser who paid for cancelled order, at the latest 14 days will receive a refund reduced by administrative costs resulting from the actions Rainbow Cups must take to cancel initiated process of the order. Mentioned cost incurred amounts to 50€ (design files not sent) and 200€ (design files sent by Rainbow Cups which are not accepted).

You can always cancel your order for not branded products (lids, stirrers) if these have not been prepared yet (valid for low quantities of baout 15.000 pcs).



Read the Terms and Condtions

You can find it on the "Terms and Condtions" page.